RESTOCK PRESALE: Blue Below The Knee Modest Structured Super Distressed Denim Skirt

  • $65.00

EXPECTED SHIP DATE (subject to possibly change with manufacturing timeline): JANUARY 31, 2020

Each body is different, so it's impossible to make one skirt to fit everyone perfectly. One of the most common fit complaints arises when skirts fit the hip area, but are large at the waist. This style is the answer to that problem, with a structured, high waist and more generous hip area. 

Our structured, super distressed skirts are made of premium denim, double layered throughout the front to line the rips and tears for modesty and durability. Because of the structured material, a small vent (3") has been cut at the center of the back for easy walking. Note that this can be easily sewn shut, but because of the tapered cut of the skirt (this is what gives it such a flattering, feminine shape,) this may make taking large steps less comfortable. Like classic jeans, these structured skirts will mold to your shape with wear and become increasingly comfortable.

Note: these measurements are slightly different from the measurements of the first order of this style. Please re-check your measurements even if you already have this skirt from an earlier production set. Measurements in inches: