Side Stripe Mid-Calf Stretchy Denim Skirt


If you've ever wanted a modern and modest denim skirt that you can dress up and down, you need to try this one! Made of premium stretch denim in a slightly tapered but modest cut, this skirt is as flattering as it is comfortable. Our stretch mid-calf skirt features a combination of two denims and gorgeous quality. The modern, slim shape and eye-catching details make this skirt design one of a kind - you won't find this skirt anywhere else. 

Our stretchy denim skirts are made of premium denim, with modesty and durability in mind. For extra comfort while walking, we've made this style with a small (3-4 inch) back slit that can be easily sewn shut if you prefer no slits. The slightly tapered cut of this skirt gives it a beautifully flattering, feminine shape and the extra stretchy denim makes the shape comfortable for daily wear.

Measurements in inches: